Matthew J. Leone
A Manhattan based executive, Matthew understands the Madison Avenue corporate approach to marketing, branding, social media and advertising that he will cater to you, the small business or individual.  He will work with every step of the job to make sure you are happy with your final product.
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Stephanie Leone
Chief Financial Officer 
A Westchester based teacher and coach that understands what collegiate coaches are looking for when they recruit. Her consultation will strategize with the production team to make sure the message and approach is targeted to the recipient.
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Charles Leone
Public Relations Consultant
Charles has spent much of the last 16+ years working at some of the top communications agencies in Manhattan and currently works at top firm, Mullen Lowe. Known for his media relations, account management and headline-grabbing event skills he has had the privilege to work with several top global brands like: Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, Olympus, Panasonic, Ford, MasterCard, General Motors, Xbox, Razer, Smithwicks, Jose Cuervo and the NBA. Charles has also gotten to work with and promote the likes of Peyton Manning, the Guinness Brew master, the Stanley Cup, Mike Ditka, Derek Jeter and the Olympic torch at events like the Super Bowl, the Final Four, the US Open, various auto shows, E3 and CES. During PR Week, Sabre and Bronze Anvil award-winning campaigns, he’s publicized an island for Jose Cuervo, gotten customers to #DITCHtheDSLR for Samsung, turned New York on to the Chevy Volt, helped launch Xbox Live. Beyond traditional public relations, he has also managed, assembled and promoted several influencer programs and he has helped launch numerous brand channels on: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+ and Tumblr.

Our Video Production Team
Experienced in TV commercials, documentaries, and sports filming, our production team is at the top level service.  Working with MSG Varsity on their content creation along with filming several regional TV commercials, their skill set and relentless pursuit for perfection creates a product second to none in the industry.

Our Visual Effects Team
With past experience with Good Morning America, Telemundo, and documentaries with such iconic filmmakers as Oliver Stone, our lead Visual Effects Artists understand the design programs and approach to bring your video graphics packages to the TV quality level.

Our Design Team

Skilled in graphic design for traditional marketing and advertising as well as new media web based animations and visual effects, our team will be able to work with your online and offline needs.

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