School: Eastchester High School 
Sport: Cheerleading
Year: Class of 2013


I am really eager to be part of a collegiate cheerleading program and continue the experience cheerleading has given me. I have wanted to cheer at the collegiate level since I first started cheerleading seven years ago. I believe I would be an asset to a college team because of my strong leadership abilities, hard work both on and off the mat, optimistic attitude and dedication to my team. I always strive for success and encourage my team, along with myself, to exceed our potential. Whether cheering a game, fundraising, or participating in a team activity, I believe my personality fits the role of a college cheerleader because I am extremely spirited, love leading the crowd and possess positive energy that radiates throughout the team. Furthermore, I enjoy the competiveness cheerleading brings and I believe that there’s no better place to receive that than at the collegiate level. Not only does cheerleading allow me to become a strong athlete but it more importantly creates relationships and true connections with my teammates.
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